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Nevison Country Inn
Tel: 01942671029

Gluten Free

Please inform our friendly team of any dietary requirements when ordering.

oup of the day                            £4.75
With bread & butter
Cheese garlic bread                     £3.75

Toasted garlic gluten free  bread with grilled cheese
Bacon garlic bread

 Toasted gluten free garlic bread with grilled cheese & bacon
Peppered mushroom                  £5.50

Homemade creamy pepper sauce & garlic toast for dipping.
Stilton mushroom                           £5.75
Creamy blue stilton homemade sauce served
with garlic toast
Battered mushrooms                 £4.95
        Fresh mushroom in homemade batter with garli dipping sauce
Deep fried halloumi                    £4.75

Served with salad & sweet chilli dip
Fish goujons                                 £5.25

Served with a side salad and sweet chilli sauce 
Prawn Cocktail                            £5.75
Freshwater salad prawns dressed with Marie rose sauce, and bread & butter

Battered fish                                                    £10.25
Special batter recipe used to make our battered fish, served with marrowfat peas, tomato, lemon &homemade chips

Chicken melt                                           £10.50
Fresh chicken,bacon, grilled cheese, BBQ sauce, peas & homemade chips

Salt & pepper chicken                           £9.95
Garlic butter & salt & pepper seasoning with salad & homemade chips.

Roast of the day                                                       £9.25
Choice of meats, served with all trimmings & vegetables

Sausage, egg & chips                             £9.25
2 sausages with 2 eggs & homemade chips
Peppered chicken                                  £10.50
Chicken breast, in our special recipe sauce, veg & chips

Stilton chicken                                                                 £10.75
Chicken breast in our own recipe of blue stilton sauce served with
fresh, veg & chips

Hunter’s chicken                                               £10.50
Battered chicken with tomato based sauce, grilled cheese, peas & homemade chips

Sirloin Steak                                           £14.95
Served with 3 onion rings

Stilton steak                                              £16.95
 with fresh mushrooms & a creamy blue stilton  sauce

Peppered steak                                        £16.95
Topped with fresh mushrooms & a creamy pepper sauce

Steak melt                                       £16.95
Topped with fresh mushrooms and grilled cheddar cheese

Gammon                                         £12.95
Large gammon with 2 eggs or pineapple, peas & homemade chips

Gammon melt                                £13.95
Large gammon, pineapple, grilled cheese,  peas & homemade chips

Liver, bacon & onions                    £10.25
Fresh lambs liver pan fried with onions, bacon & gravy, veg & chips

King prawns, chorizo                   £12.75
King prawns, chorizo & mushrooms pan fried in butter with a hint of garlic & herbs, served with salad, bowl of homemade chips

Fresh Salmon                                 £12.95
Large portion of salmon in a seasoned butter sauce, served with peas & homemadechips

Spicy fresh Salmon                      £13.95
Salmon with cajun spices, herbs & butter, served with peas&homemade chips

Sweet chilli chicken                        £10.25

Fresh chicken cooked in a sweet spicy sauce.Served with chips OR rice

Pub curry of the day                       £9.95

Served with salad, rice OR chips

Cajun chicken (GF)                                      £9.95
Fresh chicken with spiced  dressing sauce, with fresh salad or peas &homemadechips.

Smaller Choice


Fish & chips
beer battered fish, served with  tomato, lemon, peas & chips
With egg or pineapple, peas, tomato, & chips
Chicken curry.
Med pub curry served with rice OR chips
Roast dinner
served with all trimmings & vegetables
Peppererd chicken
Chicken breast, in our special recipe, veg & chips


Children’s choice 
Served with peas, veg or beans
Chicken nuggets & chips
Sausage & chips
Egg & chips
Fish Gougons

Quick Snacks
Homemade chips              £1.95  
Chips & bits                         £3.75
 bacon and melted cheese  over a bowl of chips
Veg Chips & bits (v)           £3.75
 mushrooms and melted cheese grilled over a bowl of chips
American sandwich            £4.25
roast beef over bread drenched in a meaty gravy
Salt & pepper chips         £2.50
Homemade onion rings  £3.25

Served with dip

Sandwhiches & Baguettes

all served with salad & homemade chips
Sirloin steak      £14.95
Fried onions served with salad and home-made chips

     Bacon butty      
Tuna mayo
Cheese & onion   
Peppered beef
Roast beef & sauté onions      
Sausage butty
Prawn & marie rose
Peppered chicken

  Extra toppings 75p extra      

 Served with fresh salad. Extra toppings 75p
Tuna mayo
Prawn rose sauce
Cheese & onion

Served with cream, ice cream or custard

Lemon cheese cake

Chocolate Brownie

Toffee sponge

Ice cream


If you are notcompletely satisfied with your meal or service, please bring it to the attention of our friendly staff right